Journal of The Faculty of Science and Technology

Omdurman Islamic University


Journal of Faculty of Science and Technology 4

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     :  Fluorine doped in Cubic Perovskite SrMnO3 First- Principles Calculations
  :  Abdalla Abdelrahman Mohamed

     :  Hydrogeological assessment based on groundwater flow modeling around Atbara Town
  :  Sadam Hassan & Adil Elkrail

     :  Risk-neutral and Girsanov Theorem
  :  Entisar M. Elballah and Ismail Elsanosi

     :  Synthesis of Chalcone with Mannich Side Chain. part IV
  :  Anwar, E. M. Nor ELjaleel&Himat,M.A. Fadull& Saad, M. H. Ayuob,& M, Abdel

     :  The effects of field dodder (Cuscuta campestris Yuncker) growth stages on the performance of its host plants
  :  Awad Fageer Farah

     :  Using Crude Root Paste of Maerua pseudopetalosa (Glig & Bened) De Wolf. "Kordala" to treat heat induced burn wound of Rabbit Skin.
  :  Mohamed Hamad Awad& Isra Abbo&Abdel Raheam Elbassir& Abdel Hafeez Yag