Journal of The Faculty of Science and Technology

Omdurman Islamic University


Journal of Faculty of Science and Technology 4

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     :  Absence of Human Cytomegalovirus IgM antibody in cohort Sudanese Acute leukemia patients
  :  Ibrahim F Ahmed1 . Awadalkareem A. Aljamal2., Mouner N. Hemedan 3, Isam sadik 4, Mohammed F. Fanny5,Dayyel biet aal6

     :  Acute Toxicity of Phenol to Fingerlings of The Nile Tilapia Oreochromis niloticus
  :  Dina Ibrahim Mohamed Alim and ,Khalda Omer Haroun.2

     :  Antifungal Activity of Actinomycetes isolated from soil of Tuti Island (Central Sudan) farms against two fungi Aspergillus fumigatus and Candida albicans
  :  Shami E. A. Bakheit1 and A.M. Saadabi2

     :  Antimicrobial Activity of Certain Medicinal Plants in Sudan
  :  Nagat A. El Rofaei Abdel Hadi and Kauther H. El Sharif

     :  Antimicrobial activity of crude extracts of Anogeissus leiocarpus (fruits)
  :  Alnour A.M*; Elshiek O.M**.;Omer M.E.A***;;Almagboul A.Z****. and Osman E.A. **

     :  Atmospheric Moisture Budget over Sudan during August 1988
  :  Hassan Mohamed Hassan and Mohamed Habeeb Elkanzi

     :  Common Lyapunov Function for Quadratic Stabilization of a Finite Collection of Non-Linear Dynamical Systems
  :  .Salah EL-Din Ahmed Mohammed El-Tahir &Radhi Ali Zaboon

     :  Effect of levels of sun flower oil and storage period on quality of mozzarella cheese
  :  Kamal Awad Abdel Razig& Nusiba ALSiddig Badawi& Safa Omer Haj Ahmed& Salma Farg Alla Mohammed&Taghreed Aamir Elemam

     :  Energy and protein balances and electrolyte availabilities in laying hens fed roasted Guar )Cyamopsis tetragolnoloba( meal
  :  ElObeid, E.A.E.1; Faki, A.E. & Amin, A.E.

     :  First Isolation of a Dihydroflavonol from the Sudanese Material of Francoeria crispa Forsk
  :  Mohamed A. Karim &, M. El Mustafa F. Mustafa& Sayed A.Hamid